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         Campaign finance is a BIG DEAL in Philly politics.

        The money that passes through campaigns can make or break reform in the city. Some of these transactions are explicitly corrupt, but many just put on display a system that lets people with money control the viability of running a campaign. What does this this system look like? 

        This project seeks to illuminate the status quo in fundraising that restricts the ways we run a campaigns in Philly, and how we can do better in Philly—to run more progressive campaigns, to run candidates who know and talk to a large range of people, to get reform pass that makes peoples' day to day lives better—Repealing Tax Credits that drain school funding, getting Fairwork Week laws passed, and ending the eviction epidemic in our city.

Who's running? What's their record? Who's funding the races? How's small-donor fundraising compare to big money? We're comparing and contrasting 2019's various contests to better clarify the stakes in each race and show patterns we're seeing across the races.

.The Candidates.

Profiles and comparisons of the candidates in each field below.


District Council


At-Large Council


.The Donors.

We put big Philly donors under the microscope to see what they're giving and examine how their money, time, and social networks grant them power. 


Individual Donors

Just one person and all their money.


Big groups donating in big numbers.


Political Committess

Pols and parties spreading the wealth.

Candidate Quick Look Up:


  • Jim Kenney

Council At-Large

  • Eryn Santamoor

  • Beth Finn

District Council

  • Tonya Bah (District 8)

  • Cindy Bass (District 8)

  • Kenyatta Johnson (