Welcome to the Philadelphia Campaign Finance Data Explorer

Philadelphia is a city of dichotomies. The poorest big city in America is also home to some of the wealthiest real estate, banking, and telecommunications companies in the world—not to mention universities with billions of dollars in the bank. These wealthy and powerful interests help shape the city’s political and economic agenda in many ways.

Analyzing campaign contributions can help demystify which particular individuals, companies, and interest groups are aiming to influence elected officials.

We designed the Philadelphia Campaign Finance Data Explorer to help the public better understand how money in politics shapes Philadelphia.

Having trouble seeing the whole tool? Feel free to use it on our Tableau page. Note that it will look best on a large tablet or desktop. You can also check out the handy how-to video!


Tips for using the tool:

  • In order to use the Sector or Contributor filters, you need to first unselect (ALL) and then you can select an option (you can also type names in to search for specific contributors).

  • Hover your cursor over the numbers in the Top Contributors list to see short descriptions of contributors which were collaboratively researched by Philly Power Research volunteers. The colors of the numbers correspond to the sector colors shown in the center panel.

  • If you want to reset the dashboard to its original settings (which show all at-large City Council candidates’ fundraising for 1/1/18 to 4/5/19), you can click on the “reset” button, which is the third button from the left in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

  • For more details watch the how-to video!

Our dataset currently covers all contributions (monetary and in-kind) over $50 to every 2019 candidate for Mayor, City Council, City Commissioner, Sheriff, and Register of Wills who has submitted at least one campaign finance report as of 4/15/19.