Fundraising Explorer

The fundraising explorer above shows how much money each incumbent Philadelphia City Council member and Mayor Jim Kenney have raised for their campaigns from 2014 to 2018, broken down by Top Contributors, Sector of Employment/Industry, and Contribution Size. You can use the filter on the left to see the numbers for a specific candidate, or choose (All) to see the total numbers for all of these incumbent candidates combined. You can also filter the Top Contributors and Contributions by Size sections by Sector of Employment, using the dropdown filter in the bottom left corner.

The numbers in the “Top Contributors” table are color-coded by sector of the contributor, matching the colors in the Sector of Employment bar chart below the table.

The ranking of top contributors only displays names of contributors who have donated at least $4,000 total across all candidates from 2014-2018, while the two charts showing breakdowns by sector of employment and by contribution size include all donations of more than $50. While unions represent major donors to many of the campaigns, it should be kept in mind that unions’ fundraising base comes out of the paychecks of thousands of unionized workers.

As of November 2018, a few, but not all, candidates had filed reports for parts of the 2018 year. We have included this data in our analysis, and plan to add the 2018 data for all candidates once they file their end-of-year reports.

You can find more details about our methodology here.