Geography of Donations

Here you can explore the geographic origins of candidates donations, by City Council District and US County.  Want to know which industries contribute and where those industries are based? You could explore that here.

The map focuses on City Council Districts as geographic regions, with the bar at the bottom giving a county level overview of contributions received for each candidate.  As you explore the map and compare different council people, you’ll notice that most fundraising originates from the 5th District, and at the county level, most funds come from within the city, with neighboring Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, and Bucks County in the mix.

Compare industry donations:  Who gets the most from the real estate industry outside of Philadelphia?  

Preliminary observations

  • Council Pres. Darrell Clarke is the District Councilperson with the highest in-district fundraising with 54% of his funding raised within his district, leading Brian O’Neill (47% from his own 10th District), Kenyatta Johnson (35% from his own 2nd District) and Mark Squilla (31% from his own 1st District).

  • The 5th District encompasses most a part of center city and is the primary geographic funding source for 12 of the 17 council people.  40% of all contributions come from within the 5th District.

  • Most council members raise 60%-70% of their money from within the city of Philadelphia.  Some outliers are:

    • At-Large Republican David Oh, who gets less than 50% of his donations from within the city, with 23% coming from Montgomery County.

    • Jannie Blackwell, representing the 3rd District in West and Southwest Philadelphia gets just over 50% of her contributions from within the city, with 26% coming from Montgomery County.  

    • Bobby Henon, representing the 6th District in Northeast and Lower Northeast receives a little under 60% of his funds from within the city, with 14% coming from Montgomery County, PA, 8% coming from Bucks County, and 4% coming from Washington DC.