Philly Power Research is a group of volunteer researchers made up of teachers, journalists, analysts, advocates, and organizers working to support economic justice in the city Philadelphia.

 Philadelphia Campaign Financing Tracker

We have been tracking Philadelphia campaign finance as filings are submitted to the City Board of Ethics during this election season. Our interactive dashboard allows you to see who is getting money, who is giving money, and highlights the ways money moves around in Philadelphia politics. Find out who has the most small donors, who is giving to your favorite candidate, and so much more.


Reports and Analysis


Periodically, PPR develops “deep dive” reports on subjects in collaboration with partner organizations or as part of our own research into certain topics. Take a look at some of our reports here.


Philly Power Research is a group of volunteer researchers - including teachers, librarians, journalists, advocates, and activists - investigating the powerful organizations and individuals shaping Philadelphia. We believe that participatory research - where all people are engaged in asking questions about the power structure and seeking solutions to the issues they face in their communities - is a key component of a vibrant local movement for just social change. We partner with groups organizing for justice and equity at the ballot box and in the streets. We aim to continue to build and support a strong action research community in Philadelphia