Who Runs Philly? Part 11: Head to Head - Candidate Comparison App

Overwhelmed by the number of Democrats running for City Council this spring? Welcome to the Philly 2019 Primary Head-to-Head! Built to solve (some) of your candidate confusion.

On May 21st, registered Democrat voters will be able to vote for 5 At Large Councilmembers. 28 are running! Our Head-to-Head app allows you to compare candidates and, with luck, pick a few to vote for.


The Head-to-Head app compares candidate biographies, endorsements, and fundraising information—including total funds raised, on-hand cash, and sources of fundraising.

Head to Head 1.png

Simply select candidates using the drop down menu, and compare!

Head to Head 3.png

You can also filter candidates by the scale of their fundraising. This can be useful if, for example, you want to filter out candidates who have not raised a lot of funds. Lack of fundraising could be a signal that a candidate may not have a good chance of getting elected.

Head to Head 2.png

Methodology and Sources.

Read our methodology for collecting and analyzing campaign finance data here.

Candidate biographies were generated through internet research. Citations can be found here. Biographical details were selected to include relevant experience and positions.

If you want to know more about candidates’ political positions, check out our listing of candidate questionnaires.